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Spain Select was founded in 2002 in order to meet the demand for Corporate Housing in Madrid that was already in existence in cities such as London, Paris and New York.

The Corporate Housing concept is unique in the fact that not only does every apartment come fully furnished, but there is the added benefit of a wide range of extra services.

The response to this exclusive form of apartment rental has been spectacular, and Spain Select now offers more than 200 properties in Madrid alone.

The minimum required stay in a Corporate Housing apartment is one month, and during 2008 an average stay in one of our properties was just over four months. The secret to the success of the Corporate Housing concept is that it offers our clients clear advantages over the traditional hotel or apartment options available in the medium and long-term- rental market. More space and comfort coupled with reduced costs are the vital qualities that have led to the popularity of this type of housing option.

Corporate Housing was initially aimed at executives, actors, diplomats, mature students and other people looking for medium or long-term accommodation away from their home town. Due to the added bonus of not having to invest in furniture coupled with the flexibility offered to the client, Corporate Housing is proving to be an increasingly attractive option to larger groups of tenants.

Spain Select has become the Corporate Housing leader in the Spanish market. Our success is due primarily to our ability to marry a quality product with a quality service.

In order to create our quality end product, our team of dedicated staff follows a strict process:

  • Selection: We conduct a thorough selection process in order to find the perfect property.
  • Renovation and Development: All our properties are newly built or newly renovated. To ensure that they comply with the strict requirements and high expectations of Spain Select, we employ renovation companies that work under the direction of our personal team of interior designers.
  • Decoration: Our professional team of designers and interior decorators ensure each apartment is finished to the highest standard.
  • Facilities: All of our apartments come fully equipped with bedding, towels and kitchen utensils. See Inventory Sample