Apartments in Sevilla area


One of the most celebrated and visited cities in Spain, Sevilla is the artistic, cultural and financial centre of Andalucia. Famous for the stunning Alcázar palace, passionate flamenco, and breathtaking Islamic architecture, this beautiful city offers visitors a cultural experience that is hard to beat. The centre of the city is situated just to the north of the impressive Gothic Cathedral, and its main streets of Sierpes, Tetuán and Velázquez are filled with shops, museums and café´s. It is in this area that you can find the Renaissance-style City Hall, the beautiful Palacio de Lebrija, and the Casa de Pilatos, a 16th Century mansion featuring Roman sculptures and Moorish architecture. Despite the many attractions of the centre, it is the medieval Jewish quarter of Santa Cruz that is the true heart of Sevilla, the sheer number of its historical landmarks making it the first stop for any visitor to the city. As well as it´s charming whitewashed houses and flower-filled patios, it is in this most enchanting of neighbourhoods that you can find the Alcázar, and the beautiful baroque Hospital de los Venerables Sacerdotes. Another must-see barrio is La Macarena, located to the north of the city centre. Made famous by a certain popular song, Macarena´s charm lies in its true working-class history, and is home to the best surviving stretch of Sevilla´s ancient wall. As well as the beautiful architecture and historical monuments, Sevilla offers visitors a wealth of museums, from the Fine Arts Museum, housed in the breathtaking Convento de la Merced, to the modern Contemporary Art Museum. The María Luisa Parque on the eastern bank of the Guadalquiver river, is a tranquil haven from which to escape the heat of the famous midday Andalucian sun. With monuments, plazas and museums, the park is the perfect place to relax and soak up the atmosphere of this exciting city. Spring is one the best times to visit Sevilla, when residents and visitors alike take to the streets for its celebrated Semana Santa (Holy Week) processions. Two weeks later sees the colourful Feria de Abril, a week-long festival of flamenco, food, dancing and music. The Sevillanos themselves are famous throughout Spain for their energy and love of the good life, and take real pride in showing visitors their historic and beautiful home city.